About Go Tuk'n Charities

Creating a brighter tomorrow together.

Go Tuk’n Charities is a Jacksonville non-profit rigorously creating life-affirming experiences for those in need.  We leverage youth programs and grants to fund educational efforts.

Our organization supports families facing life-threatening illnesses, long-term health crises at local medical facilities and those with ongoing developmental disabilities. We bring to life educational opportunities featuring local Jacksonville, Florida history, architecture and art and creating unique fun tour adventures. Through these educational and community opportunities Go Tuk’n Charities is addressing transportation barriers in our community.

We also join forces with other not-for-profit organizations and partner with them to help their mission. Our partnership allows these charities the opportunity to expand their reach. Make a Wish, Pediatric Hospice, Children’s Miracle Network and Ronald McDonald House are just a few examples of these types of organizations. 

Our Mission

Together We Create Life Changing Experiences

How We Began

Over three decades ago, Stephanie Dale and Steven Dix started in the hospitality and engineering businesses.  They used their breadth of knowledge, expertise, and love for the Jacksonville community to develop a local Jacksonville favorite – Go Tuk’n.  A tour experience company that offers locals, tourists and businesses unique experiences throughout the Jacksonville area. 

Over the course of running Go Tuk’n, they have been approached by educators, medical professionals and facilities and other not-for-profit organizations with requests to help those in need.  These requests inspired Stephanie and Steven to leverage their tour company to transform lives in the community.   

As a result, they formed Go Tuk’n Charities dedicated to serving youth, children with medical needs, families with final wishes and disabled individuals by offering unique educational and creative adventures and experiences.  

Our Values

Highschool Kids on Jacksonville Tour


Break down perceived barriers through education & knowledge.

Kids on Scavenger Hunt in Jacksonville


Enable happy memory-making to help ease the pain of adversity

Family on Jacksonville Experience


Create unique experiences that serve children and families in need

Who We Serve

  • Youth throughout the learning lifespan (K-12, and eventually through college)
  • Families facing life threatening illnesses and long-term health crises
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers
  • Other not-for-profit organizations 

Our memory makers

Steph Dale Headshot

Steph Dale

Stephanie Dale, or Steph as she prefers to be called, is the founder of Go Tuk’n Charities. A native Floridian with over 30 years in Jacksonville, you could say she is somewhat of a Jax expert. She has spent decades exploring the city as well as dedicating countless hours to the community.

Stephanie considers supporting local non-profits to be a critical and fulfilling component in her life with efforts including:

  • Volunteering at the McGraw Hospice Center
  • Starting the IM Sulzbacher Center feeding of the homeless for Barnett Bank/Nations Bank/Bank of America
  • Leading various volunteer and fundraising efforts with the Hubbard House
  • Fundraising for Jacksonville Humane Society


Combining Stephanie’s ongoing devotion to the Jacksonville community with her learning and development background, the natural next step was the creation of Go Tuk’n Charities.

Outside of Go Tuk’n Charities she holds many titles – Mom to Bobby Dale, III (plus several fur babies); wife and best friend to Steve Dix; stepmom to Kendra Dix; and, Chief Tuk’n Officer at Go Tuk’n.

Steven Dix Headshot

Steven Dix

Steven Dix is on the Board of Go Tuk’n Charities, a position that is very dear to his heart. A resident of Jacksonville for over 60 years, supporting the community and working with local charities are the foremost priorities in his life. Time is your most prized possession and Steven believes in giving it whenever possible. 

Steven is a Registered Professional Engineer in several states across the country. In accordance with the Professional Engineer code of ethics, he holds paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. As such, his contribution to Go Tuk’n Charities has been invaluable.
Beyond his non-profit and professional work, Steven is an avid surfer and unwaveringly devoted to his family. He truly has a love for life and believes in the good of all people. 
Brandon Stanko Headshot

Brandon Stanko

Brandon Stanko has been involved with Go Tuk’n Charities from its inception and being a member of its board of directors is an honor. Brandon has been a resident of Northeast Florida for 17 years and has been involved in the community through numerous organizations. Specifically, he is a proponent of providing children the tools to learn about the history of their surroundings so they can grow to be stewards of the community.

Brandon is an attorney licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Florida and focuses his practice on business law, both for profit and non-profit businesses.

In his little free time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his growing family, playing soccer, and bowling.