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Youth Education & Experiences

A Bridge to tomorrow
Together we create life changing experiences

Go Tuk’n Charities is a local Jacksonville non-profit providing quality education, adventures and experiences.

Each experience advances engagement in our community, immersion in a world of learning and adventurous exploration.

Our Programs Include

Quality Youth Education and Hands-On Experiences

From the moment our wide-eyed youth venture into one of our unique tours they are provided with countless learning opportunities that we hope will motivate them to put what they learn in to practice. The result? Confident, empowered citizens of the world equipped to be leaders of the future.


Jacksonville Community Adventures

Your charitable donations and gifts to Go Tuk’n Charities have broad reaching impact!  Customized experiences are created to help make dreams come true for children and families dealing with health crises.

Extend the Possible

By creating unique experiences for individuals with disabilities we extend the possible to these citizens and their caretakers.  We enable them to explore their own community.

Joining Go Tuk’n Charities strengthens the collective effort to uplift our community…

Dedicated to the jacksonville community

About us

TOURING & EDUCATIONAL EXPERTS We collaborate with public school systems, at-home educators and other youth organizations to provide fun educational tours to all.

OPEN AIR & FUN EXPERIENCES No more stuffy bus rides. Smaller, more intimate groups will help drive engagement and everyone enjoys the thrill of a tuk tuk ride. 

MAKING MEMORIES MATTER We believe in the power of positive experiences and work with the community to create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Group of Teenagers on Tuk Tuk Experience